1- You need to buy!

Just take an appointment with us to come to pay: instructions to take the appointment.

If you don’t have the money to pay completely you will need to find financing.

We offer financing up to 0% cash down. Just fill and send back your credit application form to get a pre-authorized loan: Credit application form.


2- Choose which unit you want?

By price: price.

And plans: plans.


3- Take an appointment for reservation.

Take an appointment with us to reserve and to do the first-month payment for the unit that you choose.



4- Make your own plan modifications.

Download the plans and do them by yourself with free Sketchup software or take an appointment with us to do it together.


5- Choose which design you want?

Do your own personalized design or choose one of the many designs available here: design


That’s it! Your micro-condominium will be ready in a few months.