GYM (reservations)




-Connect to Google here:

-Reserve a time slot of up to 3 hours here:

-Maximum 1 time per 2 days (unless availability is available at the last minute).

-Don’t forget to pick up the pass at Yves (# 21) or ask Cristal (# 11) if Yves is away.

– Bring a bath towel to put on the machines.

– Bring a padlock to store your belongings.

-Nearest address is here: 3450, rue Ontario Est, Montréal, QC H1W

-Take a shower on site to avoid using hot water at home! And reduce the electricity bill!

-Don’t forget to return the pass to Yves or drop it on the floor by its mail trap or hand it directly to the person who took the next reservation.


N.B. There is more address here: