For the purchase of a micro-condominium you have 3 payment choices:


  1. Full payment.
  2. Mortgage financing by a financial institution.
  3. Rental and purchase with or without cash:
  • Usually a full-time job with minimum wage is enough to qualify.
  • Otherwise a part-time job with an income higher than the minimum wage.
  • Or with a deposit of a part of the purchase value.

To find out if you qualify for a rental purchase please complete and return the following credit check form:

  1. Click here to download the form in Libre Office format * or Microsoft.
  2. Google Drive instruction:
    1. Double click on file format you want
    2. Click on arrow on top right to download the file.
  3. Fill and return the form to:


Adresse courriel
Email Address


* Libre Office is free software available here : Libre Office